DAC – Automated Concentrate Distributor

Distributes various grains and minerals

Make every gram count!

Precise distribution system equipped with proprietary pulse-counting technology rather than outdated timer methods in motors to ensure your livestock receives the exact desired amount; no more no less!

Precise & homogenous mix

Ingredient motors are equipped with technology allowing it to vary its speed and duration in order to distribute the ingredient evenly throughout the entire mix.

Blockless feeding stops

Our proprietary encoder wheel technology allows self-localization and flexible feeding/refill order. Pause, move and resume feeds at any time with no mistake!

Easy weekly changes

Recipe changes and reports can be done quickly via wireless laptop/tablet for frequent changes to recipes.

Robust wireless fill station

Secure positional confirmation enables safe filling; avoiding dropped feed on the ground and no mechanical switches sticking due to humidity.

Sensors allow automatic refilling as needed in larger establishments for seamless productivity.

Long battery life

Two 12VDC maintenance-free gel batteries with smart charging at the parking station prolonging battery life. Our power-efficient system allows feeding for days without charging.

distributeurs pour grains et minéraux

DAF – Automated Silage Distributor

Distributes silage mixes

Consistent precision from start to finish!

Consistent and precise material distribution is possible thanks to a fine-tuned mechanical, computer and scale system working in harmony.

Flexible feeding

Up to 30 customizable feeds per day involving individual silos or mixes in combination with chosen stalls or stall ranges.

Power efficient

Equipped with 10 hours of active feeding per day using four 6V batteries with automatic smart-charging.

Robust electronics

Our electronics are designed in-house with detection systems to automatically disengage in case of major obstructions to prevent damage and downtime.


Animal placement, recipes and meal schedule configurations can all be done in a simple interface on a laptop or tablet.

One size fits all!

Smart design provides 50ft3 capacity for its size allowing our model to fit in most establishments. The automatic fill system allows seamless feeding in even the largest establishments.

Multi-mix integration

Our systems use two-way communication with Multico’s Multi-mix systems to provide precise mix amounts updated automatically based on your feed configuration. We currently support up to 8 silos or mixes.

feeder for silage mixes

Performixx Manager Software

For managing machine configurations all in one place!


Wireless feeder management

Manage multiple machines for scheduling, ingredient quantities, animal positions, inventory reports and MORE!

Simple & clean interface

A simple, straight-forward experience for even the most novice users to navigate. Functionality is clearly defined for the most common tasks.

Inventory tracking tools

View amounts distributed for each ingredient and automatically calculate how much product is needed for the week or the month!

Laptop with Performixx Software